The past couple of weeks the bare branches of trees and shrubbery have been filling out with foliage again.  I’ve been enjoying the new growth and greening unfolding this spring.  This time of the year brings out a sense of optimism from most people, too. manifestation-01Except for the increasing chances of tornadoes and other severe weather, life seems to get better in spring.

I’m feeling more upbeat these days, too. There’s a sense of inspiration and new beginnings.  It’s a sense that the cycle of life is on the upswing. There’s a more free-flowing awareness of motivation and even better health in my life.  Even though curiosity about new things courses through my brain most of the year, inquisitiveness really manifests in spring. It’s almost as if there is a rebirth of the desire to learn more, about more.

Many of us feel a new dedication to knowledge, wisdom, and…

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