The Modi Effect – by Lance Price – My thoughts…


The Modi Effect - Lance PriceThe Modi Effect – Inside Narendra Modi’s Campaign To Transform India by Lance Price

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I didn’t hear about this book while it was being written (I don’t think many people did), but when the story broke, it was quite close to the release of the book. The snippets that appeared in the media more than whetted my appetite and I grabbed the book when it finally was available.

So was it good?

Let me start at the beginning with a disclaimer. I am an ardent fan of Narendra Modi. I closely followed every aspect of this election, and the period of two years leading up to the culmination. This journey was amazing to those who believed, and intriguing to those who didn’t. Whatever was your emotion, the fact is that you were not unaffected. And that is why this book is significant. There was…

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