The Glastonbury Sanctuary – be a part of it

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Glaston weekend 152Last year Steve, Stuart and myself as Directors of The Silent Eye were privileged to give a series of talks in Glastonbury, a place known to folklore, legend and to the hearts of many as Avalon, the magical realm of the Arthurian tales.

To others it is the place where Christianity came to these shores, carried by Joseph of Arimathea. Still others speak of the legend that Joseph had brought with him a boy on a previous visit… a child named Jesus.

We will never know if ‘those feet in ancient times walked upon England’s pastures green’, yet something of the mystery lingers and, whatever faith you embrace or path you follow, there is something in the air, and in the earth at Glastonbury that draws the eyes and feet of many thousands of people from across the world each year.

It was for this reason that the Glastonbury Sanctuary…

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