A day of little things

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spring 011It has been a beautiful spring day here, so the fact that the heating has died again didn’t become apparent until I dipped my toe in the nice, hot bath I had run and found it to be about as warm as a polar bear’s backside. By this time I simply laughed. It went along with the rest.

spring morn 014The computer has died every few seconds today and I have lost more work than I have managed to do. My email has been hacked yet again, in spite of the clean-up I’ve done the past couple of days and the dog has consequently increased her vernacular vocabulary quite substantially… and has spent much of the afternoon hiding under the table.

P1050499I can’t say I blame her. I felt a bit that way when the vacuum cleaner decided to die a death, exhaling dust and fluff around the freshly polished room….

spring morn 043Then…

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