Joan Burton’s Ireland: A Guide for The Perplexed

Cunning Hired Knaves

Writing in the Irish Times on Easter Monday, Tánaiste and leader of the Labour Party reflects on the Easter Rising and its outworkings. She believes that James Connolly would be proud of the role of the party he founded, though notes that the leaders of the Rising might be ‘perplexed’ to hear that the Labour Party is presently engaged in a campaign for marriage equality.

Personally I’m tired of imagining how James Connolly or James Larkin or anyone else might look upon present developments. But I am going to linger on this point for a moment anyway.

On countless occasions in recent years I have heard the idea expressed that Connolly and Larkin must be spinning in their graves at the deeds of the present day Labour Party. I’m tired of this. For one, it appears to suppose that Connolly and Larkin would not have had the sufficient intelligence to…

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