All Is Ours


You can say that you own something, but, it will end up owning you instead. I was a high school sophomore when I first heard something to that effect.  Many years AllIsOurs-01earlier, during a discussion about “deep matters”, my best friend claimed that we really cannot own anything because God owns everything.

These memories sometimes come to mind when I see a sales receipt, bill of sale, deed, or less frequently, when I buy something.  The last time I pondered the sayings was after I read an economic report about 0.1-percent being worth as much as the bottom 90-percent combined. Aside from the usual discussions about the ever widening income gap in America and elsewhere, I wonder what goes on in the minds of extremely wealthy people. Why are they compelled to hoard so much? How do they justify their greed?

I don’t know anyone who belongs to the 0.1-percent…

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