When Bad Things Happen

Carrie Cariello

Dear God,

Sometimes, bad things happen. Things like not getting a promotion you wanted or a hearing a diagnosis you didn’t, car trouble or bad weather or divorce.

And then one day, something really, really bad happens. Something so bad, it makes you wonder why you ever thought anything else in your life was bad.

Last week, a young mother in our town and and her two little girls were found dead in their own home from gunshot wounds. It has since been ruled a murder-suicide.

Our little community was stunned, and like a moth drawn to a bright, burning flame, my mind returned again and again to the most awful questions.

Did the little girls know what was happening?

Did they cry?

Were they afraid?

Or were they blissfully unaware until the very last second?

Mostly, I just wondered why. Why would a mother do this?

Every time I…

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