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Albrecht_Dürer_-_Study_of_Two_Feet_-_Google_Art_Project“Can I have that in writing?”
“Don’t be silly…”
“Worth a try,” I sighed. My son laughed… well aware that, being an optimist I will keep trying, but no amount of blandishments will persuade him to put anything nice about me in writing. Especially compliments. Especially when he has admitted the unthinkable… like, for example, that I have been right about something.

We had spent several hours looking at new ways of helping my son achieve his goal of being able to walk again. I am hesitant to mention that he had, after a couple of years, decided to try something I had nagged suggested he try. I am neither nurse nor therapist, I am not an anatomist either, but I have had to learn and I know my son’s injuries and their effects as a whole pretty well. Observing his posture I was struck by a very basic thought……

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