Music on Mondays (4-6-15)—Another day with me and you and a dog named Boo on the Indian reservation

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The Music Chronicles of Russel Ray

Most of my readers probably know that I have a lot of music comprising many genres of which most is either in the pop category or classical. I call the pop category my non-classical music. Currently I have 1,670 hours, 32 minutes, and 10 seconds of non-classical music. I listen to an average of 11 hours, 10 minutes of music each and every day, which means that it takes me about 149½ days just to listen to the non-classical music. It takes me the rest of the year to listen to all my classical music.

Long-time readers also probably know that I listen to my non-classical music in chronological order. Today I’m in the year 1971. Of the many albums released that year, I have 58 of them. In the order in which I listen to them:

  1. Kongos by John Kongos
  2. First Album by ZZ Top
  3. Salisbury by Uriah Heep

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