This Is Keep America Beautiful Month


The day before yesterday I walked around my yard and the vacant property next door picking up litter. I found about  a bushel of the stuff. It consisted of beer cans, Mountain Dew cans, plastic Coke bottles, Burger King and McDonald’s packaging, KeepAmericaBeautiful-01plastic drink cups, cup tops and soda straws, wadded up Kleenex, scratch-off lottery ticket stubs, empty cigarette packages, single use WalMart bags caught in the shrubbery, along with small bits of chewing gum and candy wrappers.  Oh yes, I also scored 73-cents in change inside a Taco Bell bag.

All that junk was not the accumulation from over the winter.  It was the aftermath of a strong north wind. There are a few reasons that litter piles up near my little house.  The main cause is that I live on a quiet street only a few blocks away from the main drag. After people finish consuming their fast-food…

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