Witnessing Has a Beauty – Osho

Sat Sangha Salon

How do I come to now when I am really witnessing my body, feelings and thoughts, or when it is only my mind pretending to be a witness? 

The question is only intellectual; you have not even tried to pretend. When you are witnessing and you start feeling that it may be just the pretense of the mind, then it is certainly a pretense of the mind… because who is thinking about it as pretense of the mind? – Something behind the pretense.

You can never get confused about witnessing, because behind witnessing there is nothing. You cannot witness witnessing. Anything that you can witness is part of the mind. So if you witness that it is a pretense, it is a pretense. Witness the pretense, don’t get identified with it.

Witnessing has a beauty: it cannot be reduced to an object, you cannot witness it. It is irreducible…

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