Reconciliation Day


I glanced at the calendar and noticed that April second is Reconciliation Day. My first thought was this “holiday” should be openly celebrated in every nation on Earth.  Reconciliation is a much neglected, much needed activity in human relations.

I did a web search to find out who first came up with the idea for Reconciliation Day and more about it.  There was very little background at the several sites I checked. Most just acknowledged that the day was set aside to patch relationships and to Reconciliation-01reestablish friendly relations. The “holiday” is also, allegedly recognized worldwide. That’s all there is.

I guess we have to rely on our own techniques. The lack of information about Reconciliation Day and our ignorance of its very existence is very telling in today’s messed up world.  At a time when nations are rattling sabers for international conflict; domestic political/religious factions are at each others throats; and…

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