Plants for your home that are easy to grow

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When I was growing up in Brigham City, Utah—before my wise old grandmother adopted me—my first grade teacher, Mrs. Larsen, lived next door. She had beautiful gardens full of tulips, daffodils, and nasturtiums. One day when I was sick, I went over to her yard and destroyed most of her gardens. This was when I was in third grade, though. Since I was always visiting her gardens, she was pretty sure who had done the damage. I’m pretty sure I paid for my transgression but I really don’t remember the punishment. What I do remember is how Mrs. Larsen handled the situation. She never held it against me, maybe figuring that I was still a child. She even invited me to help her replant her gardens, and my mom approved, figuring it was only appropriate. That was the beginning of my love for Mother & Father Nature, plants and gardening…

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