A Disturbing Book: Sharp Objects

The Bookshelf of Emily J.

A good friend recommended Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects (2006), especially since she knew that we had both read Gone Girl and had both gone to see the movie version the weekend it came out. She recommended Sharp Objects to me because it was so disturbing that she really wanted to talk about it with somebody. I’m glad she did, because I really liked it. I tend to like disturbing and depressing books.

This one is about a reporter who visits her small Missouri hometown, one she left behind willingly and quickly, to investigate what seems to be serial murder. Two of the town’s young girls have been killed (with their teeth removed postmortem), and there are no leads. Camille begins to investigate, only to find few leads and tight-lipped police officers.


Camille’s family is strange. It consists of her mother, step-father, and thirteen-year-old half sister, whom Camille hardly knows…

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