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My wise old grandmother

It’s been just a few months short of fifty years since my wise old grandmother adopted me.

With great hindsight after those fifty years, I think I was adopted into a lower middle class family.

Missouri Pacific LinesGranddad was a Road Foreman for Missouri Pacific Railroad and my wise old grandmother was a housewife.

We didn’t have a lot of money so my wise old grandmother taught me to conserve water and electricity, to eat all the food on my plate, to repurpose things, to never throw something away (“There is no away!”) until she had inspected and approved of disposing of that something.

When it came to doing the things that my friends were doing, things like buying music and going to the movies, well, that didn’t happen. My allowance was a dime a week, and with movies costing a quarter and 45 singles costing 69¢, I did not have the…

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