Breaking Up: a Tale of Friendship

Tales for Life

by Doug Wilson Photo by Doug Wilson

I am done with trying to understand her, to help her feel better about herself. Done with answering the phone at three in the morning. Finished with apologies and excuses. Agreeing to give in when what I’ve wanted to do was tell her the straight story. It is not about always being there but going our separate ways. It has taken me awhile. It isn’t so easy.

Why do we tend to gravitate to what isn’t even good for us? Even to unlikely candidates for best friend? She was like an uneasy ally. We were two outsiders, she more so than I–who happened to find the same cement bench in the shade after school. If she hadn’t talked to me, I might not have paid much attention to her. I sure wouldn’t have ended up in such an unfortunate position.

“Who are you waiting around for?”…

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