The worm may take heart


“Fear not, thou worm, I will make thee a threshing instrument with teeth.” Could any two things be in greater contrast than a “worm” and an “instrument with teeth” ?
The “worm” is delicate, bruised by a stone, crushed beneath the passing wheel ; an “instrument with teeth” can break and not be broken; it can engrave its mark upon the rock.  The Mighty God can convert the one into the other.
He can take a man or a nation, who has all the “impotence” of the “worm”, and by the invigoration of His own Spirit, He can endow with “strength” by which a noble mark is left upon the history of the time.
difficultiesAnd so “the worm may take heart”.  God can make us stronger than our circumstances.  He can bend them all to our good.  In God’s strength we can make them all pay tribute to our souls. …

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