Beauty as a Verb (and State of Being)

Tales for Life

This just in: science is postulating that cellulite may finally be able to be banished!

I found this news in a credible magazine more often purchased by those who have the requisite cash to refresh and recreate their bodies. (I am not part of that demographic; I read a variety of publications as familiar readers know.) Apparently, dermatologists with top credentials note that this is changing dimpled thighs considerably. It involves loosening and breaking up the fibrous bands that underlay the skin. Smoothing the visible layer as cellulite seems to vanish. I am wondering what those fibrous bands are there for; it seems to me our legs need those or they wouldn’t be there. But women who are thrilled with this development will seek all promised results. They are intent on changing the human landscape in warmer climes at least. And in their private lives, it may well matter more…

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