To Listen


To hear is not always to listen.  In the strictest sense, to hear is the ability to perceive sounds; to listen is to make an effort to specifically hear something and pay attention to it.

Now that I’m thinking about the act of listening, my mind has begun to go beyond just hearing.

I’m aware of the soft whooshing of the central heating system fan, as warm air is forced through the ductwork and out through the vents. I shift in the chair and notice a crunchy squeak from the support post. Just now, the refrigerator compressor just turned on with a click. I focus to hear the whirring of its motor. At this moment, the small cooling fan of the laptop PC activated and is groaning.  Now it has turned off. Now, the refrigerator has cycled off. The furnace blower has halted. All I notice is the clunking of…

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