Spock live long and prosper

There have been many tributes to Leonard Nimoy and to Star Trek in the wake of his death last week. Few have captured the spirit of wonder and discovery represented by the series or the role of  Spock as ‘the conscience of Star Trek‘ as well as this essay by the writer Leigh Phillips; nor the loss of that spirit over the past three decades, and the growth of anti-modernist sentiment, of philistinism and of hostility to Enlightenment ideas. ‘The Romulans are in the ascendant’, as Phillips puts it. (For what it is worth, my own view is that the draining away of optimism has as much to do with wider social and cultural changes as with the coming of neoliberal policies, but that is for another discussion.) This essay was first published in Jacobin, the superb American radical magazine. My thanks to Leigh and to Jacobin for…

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