Go to Sleep, Night Owl

Anything is Possible!

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I really should go to bed earlier. Well, I go to bed, but I stay up and read blogs or write of look at Facebook…. Should I write this SoC post tonight? Or wait til tomorrow which will be Saturday, though technically it will be Saturday here in just 20 minutes.

Saturday night or Sunday morning, we will “Spring forward” and set the clocks ahead, for daylight savings time. I will then “lose” an hour. I can’t afford to lose an hour! I don’t have enough time as it is!

Okay, don’t go crazy about that, I tell myself. It’s only one hour. Then I’ll have more daylight! Because I’m saving daylight. What if you could save daylight in a bottle? Like saving time in a bottle?

So, anyway, I’m not a morning person. I’m a night person. I’ve always preferred to stay up…

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