Something About Buffalo Bill


Buffalo Bill Cody remains a legendary figure in the American past.  His legacy is a reflection of changing mores and a projection of contemporary celebrity.  There are towns with his name and even the NFL team, “The Buffalo Bills” of New York State. Some US states like to claim him as their own native son.

William Frederick Cody was born near LeClaire, Iowa, on February 26, 1846. The following year, the young family moved back to Cody’s father, Isaac’s native area near BuffaloBill-01Toronto in present day Ontario. In 1853, The family moved to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas Territory. One day, Isaac, who followed an anti-slavery Quaker belief, was invited to speak at a trading post about his anti-slavery views.  His speech so angered the crowd that one man stabbed Isaac. The injury plagued Isaac Cody until his death in 1857.

To help ease the financial difficulties of his family, the…

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