Sharing a Smile

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“I love you.”

Strong arms hold me in a fierce and joyful embrace. Eyes shine down, brimming with laughter. The handsome, bearded face smiles into mine.

“Will you marry me?”

No, I’m not dreaming.  Though it may count as the quickest proposal in history. I tend to like to know someone for more than 30 seconds…

I had been minding my own business, trying to get in and out of the supermarket in record time when I was stopped by two young men, possibly in their mid thirties. The smaller one touched my arm and spoke, in desperate tones.

“You are a woman.”

This, I thought, was fairly self-evident and required no answer.

“A pretty one too,” said the giant Adonis, eyes twinkling with mischief. Ooh, how nice.

“We need to you settle a debate…” Advice on the tastes of womankind in general was asked and given… a sort of…

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