Little gems – Aylesbury

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orc-broch-042I had occasion to go into town one summer’s day back on 2013. I am seldom happy about that, but sometimes it has to be done. Not that it is a bad town, to be fair. It has a history, and a rich one. As it is not ‘my’ town, when I moved into the area many years ago, I made a conscious effort to find out a little of that history. And today I took the camera to the old town.

We know there was an iron age hillfort where the old town and church now stand. A saint was buried here, St Osyth, whose holy well remains just outside the town. Her remains were moved in 1500 on Papal orders and reburied in secret after the town became a place of unofficial pilgrimage. Saxon and Norman lords have held the place. It has been central to many of…

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