My Heart Walks Outside My Body

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This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is attach/attachment.

Attachment seems to have a negative connotation for me. I’m often talking, reading or thinking about emotional detachment to help people, including me, recover from co-dependency.

But when I try to think of a positive feeling about attachment, I remember my baby girl. She’s 21 years old now, but I can still remember the lovely, warm feeling of her being attached to my breast that summer I got to stay home and just be a mom. I think it was the most peaceful time of my life.

We were always close, my daughter and I. After the divorce, and after I stopped getting into relationships that weren’t right for me and accepted being single, and after my son moved out on his own, it was just me and my girl. And the dogs. For five years.

We didn’t do everything together…

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