Shahid Lives, Shahids Never Die


Tafawut ast mun-I-shunidam-I-man-o-to, Tu bastan-dar, o, man fatahe-bab me shunidam

(What you and I hear are different : you hear the sound of closing doors, but I of doors that open)

– A Persian couplet that Maulana Abul Kalam Azad choose to use while addressing a gathering of Muslim Youth at the Aligarh Muslim University in 1949.


It was the mid of 2008 when I first heard about Shahid Azmi.

Friend/journalist Ajit Sahi had written a series of articles in ‘Tehelka’ about the fraudulence of the police in framing innocent Muslim men, which had caused enough consternation among the chattering classes. As Ajit had revealed Shahid had played an important role in making the story happen. Apart from facilitating meeting with victims of system, he had himself provided many facts relevant to the story.

And the name kept cropping in. I read an interview of Shahid where he discussed…

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