Pictures From JoCo Cruise, Part the Second


Morning, folks. Hope you’re doing well. I’m on a boat! Here are some more pictures from it to amuse you.
This picture while we were at sea, taken by shooting straight down from my balcony. I suspect this is what Homer met when he was talking about the “wine dark sea.”
The beach at St. Maarten. This where I found out what parts of my body I didn’t manage to get sunscreen on!
Another shot of St. Maarten from the boat. It’s a pretty island.
Jim Boggia (far right) leads Jonathan Coulton, Paul & Storm and Greg Benson in a singalong.

Life on the boat is lovely so far and we’re all having a fine time. I will of course give you more detail when I’m back on shore. Until then enjoy the photos.

Also, swing back tomorrow — Midnight Star, the video game I worked on, is coming out…

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