A mother’s tears

माॅ तुम हो न ,तुम्हारी आखों के आॅसू मुझे हमेशा रूलाते हैं।जी व न में कुछ करने की आगे बढते रहने की प्रेरणा दे जाते हैं, माॅ तुम हो न,,,

The Silent Eye

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I was up to meet the dawn on Saturday, finding the world covered in a heavy frost and very beautiful. The morning began with a guided meditation. The companions gathered at 7am and closed their eyes. It was a simple journey… that of a seed thrown by an unseen hand to the winds. The tiny point of consciousness watched from inside itself as it grew, illustrating the journey into becoming.

Breakfast and preparation… and then it was time for the second of the ritual dramas.

These dramatic episodes, played with conviction in…

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