Malana —— A Lost Utopia in the Himalayas —– is an ancient village in the state of Himachal Pradesh. 
This “solitary” village, in the Malana Nala, is “isolated” from the rest of the world.  The majestic peaks of Chandrakhani and Deotibba shadow the village.  It is situated on a remote plateau, by the side of the torrential Malana River, at a height of 9,938 feet above sea level.  Unaffected by modern civilization, Malana has been the subject of various documentaries, including “Malana : Globalization of a Himalayan Village” and “Malana : A Lost Identity.  The existing speakers of the ‘autochthonous’ language “KANASHI”, the traditional language of Malana, number approximately 1700.  According to the 1961 census, the language speakers were, then, 563, but, today, the population of Malana is at three times as large as 40 years ago.
According to local legend, Jamlu Rishi (sage) inhabited this place and made rules and…

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