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(1) Tomorrow God isn’t going to ask you : 
(a) What did you dream ? 
(b)  What did you think ? 
(c) What did you plan ? 
(d) What did you preach ? ———– He is going to ask you: WHAT DID YOU DO ? ——– Michael Quoist 

microminiature_book_tiny(2) In 1965, the Toppan Printing Company of Japan claimed that it had published the ‘world’s smallest book’, smaller than the 5 millimetre by 5 millimetre BIBLE displayed in the Gutenberg Museum, Germany.  The 24-page book, which is 2.8 millimetres by 4 millimetres, in size, 1 millimetre thick and weighs less than 1 gram, contains 100 Japanese poems.  The Company said that a strong reading glass was necessary to read the poems (5 on a page).  They were written in Japanese. 

(3) Every artist dips his brush, in his own Soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. —- Henry Ward…

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