Careful Hearing


Earl Nightingale briefly mentioned a mental attitude that he dubbed “emotional deafness”.  The statement was made during a compilation talk I found on an old audio cassette that Jorge loaned me.  The two-tape set was titled “Interpersonal Communication and Relationships”, it was sold sometime in the 1990s.

Like many of Nightingale’s audio essays, this one spurred me to investigate the matter more closely.  First, I ran the phrase “emotional deafness” through a search and came up with a physiological/medical condition that is not related to what Nightingale carefulhearing-02referred to.  Today’s post will not address this medical issue, because I do not have the expertise to give you an intelligent opinion about it.  What the late Earl Nightingale called “emotional deafness” is certainly something else.

What the personal growth guru was talking about regards the common tendency of us to ignore things that we don’t want to hear.  An extreme example…

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