Amazing Kreskin


About halfway through his performance, The Amazing Kreskin selected members of the audience to come on stage to help him demonstrate the power of hypnosis.  I still remember his gaze as he pointed at me when I was selected as part of the group to sit Kreskin-01on metal folding chairs in front of the crowd. I usually feel apprehensive about appearing on stage, I prefer the “safety” of a studio microphone. This time, I felt no stage fright at all.

With a soothing tone of voice and calming guided visualization, the six of us supposedly went into a trance. I do remember feeling relaxed but cognizant about what was happening.  We were asked to act out some simple, humorous antics such as dancing and prancing about, flapping our arms like bird wings, and tap dancing.  At least, this is what I recalled later.

The time was late 1980, our radio…

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