What I learned in 2014

  • Be kind, everybody you meet is going through their own battles.
  • Being grateful has saved my life.
  • I’m getting better at choosing friends.
  • Meditation helped me cure my anxiety & insecurities.
  • I was told, I wasn’t loved & in return, opened a vortex of feelings, empowering me to finally learn how to love myself.
  • The ocean is more powerful than we think, after all the majority of this planet is water, WE are water, we NEED water, that’s something to think about.
  • I would like to snorkel in the Costa Rican, Coral Reef.
  • Putting a smile on other peoples faces is priceless.
  • You are not truly wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.
  • Race is still an issue in America.
  • So is religion.
  • When I feel free , I’m the happiest.
  • I’m stronger than initially thought .
  • Mean people need the most love.
  • I learned that bliss is not…

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